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Explorer One : Gold Exploration – Phase One – Bering Sea

Our Mission Statement

The Explorer One mission is simple. We believe our eco-friendly commercial mining operation can fund humanitarian projects around the globe. Respecting what the planet provides, we take only what we need from Mother Earth and our profits are focused on changing lives. We believe we are all connected and through projects of Explorer Alive we endeavor to support those in the pursuit of scientific and technological advances that benefit humankind.

Our Vision

Our vision is to set an international standard of producing sustainable yields through new technologies and environmentally-friendly mining practices. The vision expands to all projects of Explorer Alive.

Our Values

Our values are honesty, focus, connectivity, and transparency with everyone who touches an Explorer Alive project.


Through extensive research with geologists and current “dredgers” in the Bering Sea we have ascertained several key factors to achieve success in the retrieval of gold and other precious materials. Read more… 


We don’t use mercury. Our barge is self-contained so our black water is not leached into the sea rather it is sent into town for processing. We don’t leave unsightly piles of tailings in the environment. We don’t participate in deforestation.


How it Works Employment Questions

Explorer Alive is the headquarters for Explorer Experience operations but it’s more than executive office space. It’s a center for innovation. It’s a place where ideas aren’t just studied; we take ideas from concept to implementation. In some cases, the project goal is for the entity to become self-sustaining and independent of Explorer funding.