About Us

Our mission is to excavate materials, including gold and platinum, from underwater using new technologies, minimizing the impact on the environment, wild life and human life, and gaining sound returns for our investors.

Diane M Shook, MBA


mrs1Ms. Shook is a visionary executive with more than 25 years experience in public and private sector organizations. Her extensive background in organizational development, continuous process improvement, and change management affords Explorer-One the ability to plan and grow successfully through proven strategic methodologies. Her proven leadership ability has been demonstrated repeatedly during her career. Ms Shook successfully grew a single location retail establishment into two retail locations and a wholesale division tapping an entirely different market segment. She managed a public sector program from initiation including policy and procedure development, ordinance development, short and long term planning, and interface with public and private sector officials; led the employees to create workflow to insure task accomplishment meeting mandated deadlines. As part of a process improvement effort, she created an incentive plan to improve teamwork and productivity that effectively reduced losses caused by missing 48 hour determination criteria for Medically Indigent/Medically Needy eligibility and achieved a 3% or less error rate. Ms. Shook led a steering committee to create and implement a “Virtual Office” – within 6 months moved 179 employees to work from home full-time with documented 10 – 30% increases in productivity, reduced turnover and unplanned absenteeism. Explorer-One promises to be her next successful venture.

Ms. Shook has a MBA and a BS in Marketing from Arizona State University. Ms. Shook is a Certified Public Manager (CPM) from ASU Executive Leadership Program.

George E. Everett


george-everettGeorge Everett, is a twenty-five year leadership professional specializing in global organizational development, compensation policies/practices, benefits management, and executive/professional level recruitment and staffing. George provides a global perspective to the staffing needs of organizations focused on expansion into new markets.

George brings to the table significant information technology, and a service company based domestic and international human resource management experience with a view towards a successful business partnership to identify and translate business needs and issues into effective strategies to contribute to improve a company’s success. This expertise is from extensive experience with multinational firms and international assignments with Dun & Bradstreet, McCormick & Dodge, Scitex America Corporation, and Automatic Data Processing.

Having managed both domestic and international human resource functions, George has lived in Europe as an expatriate with Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. George has developed a depth and breadth of perspective for the management of the human resource function in today’s fast paced business environment.

George is also well versed in the human resource challenges of mergers, restructures, re-engineering, and other fast growth environments facing the global market. George has planned and implemented creative, efficiency solutions demonstrating significant cycle time reductions and cost savings.

The last 13 years George has co founded and managed the executive search firm of Crean & Everett.

George possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Hartford.

William E. Long, PhD, CPG


bio-bill-longDr. Long, polar explorer and geologist/glaciologist, continues to expand knowledge and uses of the earth and its resources. His travels include all continents with emphasis on polar areas, including five expeditions to Antarctica to map and describe geology of unknown mountain ranges in the Trans Antarctic Mountains. His Ohio Range/Nilsen Plateau stratigraphic discoveries clearly placed the Antarctic continent as part of the ancient Gondwana continent. The Long Hills in Antarctica honor his exploration and geological discoveries.

As a professor William Long inspired students who have expanded his enthusiasm for understanding our earth to universities and companies across the nation and especially in Alaska. As a geologist/hydrologist for the State of Alaska Dr. Long founded the Alaska Hydrological Survey and became the State Hydrologist.

As a consulting geologist/glaciologist he explored for oil on the Alaska Peninsula and the North Slope; explored for amber on Alaska’s North Slope; sulfur on the slopes of Aleutian Volcanoes; geothermal potential on Unalaska Island; and defined runoff and life of a small glacier in the Chugach Mountains.

His forty seven years of life and geological work in Alaska have taken him to most parts of this polar/sub-polar state. (Five times Bill Long drove his snowmobile to Nome in the winter as a competitor in the “Iron Dog” snowmobile race.) His worldwide and polar exploration experience, as well as his unique Alaskan investigations, will all be used for successful geological and geographical exploration of Alaska and other worldwide locations.


Bobbie Jo Patterson


bobbie-jo-bioMrs. Patterson brings twelve years of management experience to Explorer-One. Her tenacity creates a strong work ethic in the employees she leads. Mrs. Patterson’s academic excellence in college resulted in National Honor Society recognition. The commitment Ms. Patterson brought to her studies has followed her into business management. With a willingness to learn continuously, Mrs. Patterson excels at meeting new challenges.

Mary Neuling


bio-mary-neulingMary Neuling has 30 years in financial management operating the company she founded “The Tax Ladies.” Specializing in corporate and non-profit incorporation, accounting, and taxation, Mary brings a wealth of knowledge to Explorer-One. Her experience provides for thorough investigation of the data to ensure the best possible estimates and protection of this company’s assets. As a new business consultant, she provides thorough and provoking questions so that important details are captured not ignored.

As a lover of animals and desire to serve, Mary has volunteered her time and financial talents to many non-profit organizations including Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry (of which she the founder & Treasurer) , Lost our Home Pet Foundation, Omega Vector, and Greyhounds of Verde Valley, to name a few. She currently heads Animal Kinship Ministry for the New Vision Center for Spiritual Living.

Ms. Neuling has a BA from National Lewis University in Chicago, IL. Additionally, she stays up-to-date by participation in IRS forums, seminars and IRS required continuing education.

William Hindman


william-hindmanWilliam Hindman is the creative mind behind the articulating boom and this particular dredging system.  From a young age, Mr. Hindman was interested in how things work and designing new processes.  His associates’ degrees in electronic engineering and audio/video engineering continued to build upon his natural inclinations. Mr. Hindman’s interest in design led him to the construction industry for both commercial and residential new, remodel and renovation work.  Through the years, he also became a journeyman plumber and pipefitter thus adding a trade aligned with his skill in development of mechanical systems, fabrication and design.

Mr. Hindman has more than 20 years experience in on-site management of construction projects.  Preferring to work alongside crew members, Mr. Hindman enjoys teaching and watching them learn and grow.

Since moving to the western United States in the early 1980s, Mr. Hindman has fueled his passion for adventure and the unknown with the pursuit of gold!

Explorer Alive is the headquarters for Explorer Experience operations but it’s more than executive office space. It’s a center for innovation. It’s a place where ideas aren’t just studied; we take ideas from concept to implementation. In some cases, the project goal is for the entity to become self-sustaining and independent of Explorer funding.