08 Aug 2012

Update on California Dredging Lawsuit

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San Bernardino Court Hearing Update – 8/3/12

First of all PLP would like to thank all of you that came to the hearing and thanks to those that were there in spirit . We had 53 people (miners) and they were quite an impressive crowd. The State Attorney, PLP Attorney David Young and James Buchal all addressed the fact that the people in the audience were the reason that the 6 cases should be heard in San Bernardino, that there were thousands of miners in San Bernardino and not any in Alameda County. They also argued that the 6 cases that were now before the courts were complex cases and needed to be consolidated before one Judge and they prefered them to be heard in San Bernardino.

The judge stated that he had particpated in complex cases before and fully understood the process. He stated that he would have a written decision this month and possibly with in 2 weeks. Judge Alverez’s decision at that time goes to the Judicial Council and they will determine whether they implement with his recommendation The Judicial Council would normally go with the Coordinating Judges opinion and usually do. Our attorneys did a fine job arguing the case and seemed to overwhelm the Karuk attorney.

About all the (Karuk etal) attorney could do is whine that they could not afford the trip down here and would probably have to get another attorney to take her place. At any rate we are getting closer to trial.

We also had visiting attorney in the audience who took extensive notes. I ask him if he felt that things went well and he agreed that he thought they had gone well. All we can do now is to wait for the judges decision before we move forward. Keep up the Faith.

UPDATE 09/15/2012 – There is nothing new to report on the San Bernardino Court Hearing at this time. We are still waiting for the Judge’s written recommendation. We will keep you informed as the situation changes.

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